This is the black and white drawing (aka "sketch" for my docents) of my self dissected specimen.
It shows an olecranonosteotomy of a left arm. It was quite difficult to dissect it and to get the perspective right in the drawing etc. I had to clean up lots of 'stuff' in the drawing to shape it into something logic. I am quite satisfied how it turned out.

As I said in the beginning officially it is a sketch: for a full colour drawing/painting. We were allowed to do it in watercolour or any other coloured medium. I decided to do it in colourpencil and hope that it turns out ok.


Announcement: Morlo - Online - Shop!!!


It is there and will be officially opened at Wednesday the 19th of September 2012 at 18:00h UTC.

If you don't know what that means I have a world clock event here:
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The first Morlos to be sold will be:

Name of Image Henry the little green-blue Morlo

Ella the Bunny-Morlo

Name of Image Vanessa the Deer-Morlo

Name of Image Nathaniel the neurotic Morlo

First come first serve!!

If you are interested just click here: Morlos World

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Bearded bird

My portfolio is a young one and could be a little bit bigger. Especially in the field of scientific illustrations. So I decided this summer that I will work on more pieces which are not only fascinating but as well fill up some space in my thin portfolio.

This will be one piece of them. It's a Bearded Reedling (fluffing up his feathers because of the cold) sitting on some common reed. I hope I can do more bird illustrations as well as some more personal pieces as the last one.