Hugo the Yeti-Morlo

This is Hugo the Yeti-Morlo! He was found by me at a little bridge ...

Yeti-Morlos love the cold. When it is warm they just want to crawl in a shadowy space (most often caves) and sleep. That is probably why I found Hugo living at/under a little brigde. It was cold, damp and shady down there.
It took some time until he trusted me enough that I could take him home with me. At the beginning he was really scared and shy but became tame when he realized I really cared for him.

Hugo is about 15cm tall. He loves to sit in a sheltered cave-like space where he gets the sensation of his old habitat. I hope he will find a loving home :)

You can adopt Hugo here:

You can adopt Hugo here in my Etsy-shop

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Way too much happening right now!!

My mum always says " If something is going to happen it will be very likely that everything is going happen at the same time."

So true, so true (mums are always right anyway :P).

At the moment I don't know where to start with. It is probably the best to start with what allready HAS happened:

A new creation!! This is Albert the MORUNCULUS!! As you can see a Morunculus is a more or less further developed Morlo. They turned to the upright walk and clothing! :)
This ones name is Albert (best pronounced the french way). He likes waffles with strawberries in the morning and insists on having an afternoon coffee-break with a different cake every day. As you can see he has a bit of a sweet tooth (I already told him that if his pants don't fit him anymore he has to make one himself!!) But I got him interested in fruit so hopefully this will be a healthy addition.

I hope that I will be able to show you more Morunculi this year. Albert is what you could call a protoype. As you can see in the next pictures he is slightly posable but I would have liked it to be more. This one will not be for sale since he didn't fully turn out as I expected AND I always like to keep the first of its kind (Morlo, Mini/Baby Morlo and now Morunculus). So if you are interested in buying posable Morunculi stay tuned.

Now I will tell you about all the stuff which is happening right now:

Right now I am preparing for an exhibition in Germany (Halberstadt im Harz). My first exhibition *yeah* :D
It is the 'MoVo - Moderne Vogelmaler' (Modern Birdpainters) and everybody participating has the chance to win the 'Silberne Uhu' (Silver Eagle Owl) as award. I figured that it was time to dare to sign up for one or two competitions this (and maybe every) year. That was my hint in my post "This year will be exciting.

You are probably curious which drawings will be displayed :)
They picked

You can have a closer look at these illustrations in the blogposts Bearded Bird, The Blue Tit and Three little Puffins. I am very happy that three illustrations were chosen. The exhibition will take place in June and I look forward to tell you guys everything about it.

Due to all this happening it could seem as if my final exam has taken a back seat. But it's not like that at all. I hope to be able to post some more details about my project this month. Before (and after) that I will work my ass off to make everything go down as smooth as possible!!! :D

PS: Four more Morlos to come. All finished just waiting to get good pictures taken and descriptions written!!!

PPS: Got featured on Drawing Served with my illustrations of the skeleton and abdomen :) Thanks to the person responsible for that!