Imagine and dream...

...your own dreams rather than the dreams of other people!

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This is a real woman!! Painted in a painted room/corner to look like a Painting. Hit the pic to see more of these!!



Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

If you follow your constant desire to create in a good manner (working your ass off just for the sake of creating!) something beautiful will happen.


Draw! Draw! Draw!

Okay...hehe, yesterday I did a drawing. Started to feel a lot better (yay, meds are working). So that is how I dress at them moment!!

More inspiration:


Communicate Well

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This is a lovely interview with korean artist Jin Young Yu (click the pic). I love her work. I find it very emotional every time I look at her sculptures. So have fun and enjoy it!!


Observe Everything

I am still sick, so no new paintings are similar to that. But To give you some insight, I will post stuff that inspires me the next days:

Have fun!


busy busy busy

writing my thesis, thinking about the stuff to show for my endexam connected to my thesis, preparing for my MA entrance exam (I found out it takes place in macrh - april...).....and....I am sick...my sore throat is killing me and I sleep a lot of my time trying not getting sicker....

so this week just a lovely short video:



Didn't post in a while

An update for the little guy I found in my backyard:

Isn't he adorable?? :)

Sorry for that. I am quite busy with preparing for academy. Getting all nervous since I haven't been there since last summer. I am excited to see what will have changed, what not etc. We will finally meet our new illustration docent.

Here the last two mystery files:


Sneek peek

I promised another baby Morlo. I found it in our backyard, next to the garbage...he was cold and shivering and tried to hide when I came out to get rid of my own garbage...unsuccessful. The tiny thing seemed to be quite hungry, since it was easy to lure him to me with some cookies I wanted to take with me to my workplace.
I don't know when the leave their mothers or nest...I looked arround but no other Morlo was there, so I took him with me.
Since he felt really comfortable arround the Deer Morlo in the park I took pictures of him as well. He constantly seem to be in awe and is very easy to impress:

Aaaand.....the twentythird of my mystery pieces....two more to go and it's done: