Portrait and more

this is something I do while I study. We have the access to life drawing courses, nude models and portrait as you can see here :)

Hopefully more updates soon. I am waiting for my last stuff to arrive from the big bad tax office to be able to officially and legally open my online store :D I will announce it: BIG TIME!

I finished the layout for my new website and just have to go through the process of programming and then it will be finished. Hopefully at the same time I can open the shop :D



As promised the steps I took with my dog assignment:

After a quick sketch of the 'real' dog (muscle structure in plaster stone) I constructed the skeleton. I worked out the first traditional pencil drawing for my assignment.

As a next step I put the drawing of the skeleton in the context of the outlines of the dog.

While I did the first parts partially at home I worked on the full drawing of the dog in school.

When the drawing of the plaster dog was finished I did the same as with the drawing of the skeleton just the other way around. I made a digital version of the skeleton drawing and put it on top of the drawing of the dog.

And finally the digital version of the skeleton (which certainly was the hardest for me to make because I never made such a complicated drawing in Illustrator).