So i had this idea to just try to post everything from the summer until now in chronological order in a few entries.
Yeah...hm... sometimes you plan things... and it just does not work out that way ;)
At the moment I am overflooded with new and exciting and interesting things which are happening arround me!
That's why I decided to just post everything when it's done or whenever feel lik it and I hope that the past illustrations and back then exciting news will be all posted until december.

This is a new illustration of a red-backed shrike and the second illustration from the 'peekaboo' (temporary title) series. It is also published in my second bird series on behance: Birds II
There you can also see a new illustration of a hoopoe for a spanish agency.

Hope to be able to update soon with my old academy assignments and maybe even some new stuff.

But for now just a picture of me and Lima the Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle in Hellenthal.

I went to Hellenthal a great station for bird of prey in the Eifel in Germany to do some research and get some references for my master publication. There I could follow a day-long workshop on bird of prey and falconers. That's how I got to know Lima and even had a go in traning together with a harris hawk named Cora.


Long time no see

Hei guys,

I had quite a busy summer. Because of that I had to abandon my blog and some other pages for some time. But I am back now!!!

To get you back on track:

I finished the sheep illustration and went on with two rat illustrations :) One in colourpencil (which you can see right here) and one in line which still has to go through some minor corrections and will be shown in the next entry.

After that I finished an anatomy assignment which is still being digitalized and a spread about the 'Double opozing z-plastic' which still awaits correction of the surgeon we worked with.
As soon as everything is ready to be shown I will post it here :)
Next to finishing my last assignments I moved together with my boyfriend in an old house which wasn't renovated since the 50's. Now I have my own workroom with enough space for all my stuff. A single workplace for digital drawing, traditional drawing and sewing ;) Pictures the next time!! :D

After I was just done with all of that I started my final exam at the clinic for birds, reptilians, amphibians and fish in Gießen (Germany). I got to do what I wanted to do: to illustrate a publication about the arteficial insamination of birds using the example of parrots and birds of prey. So I get to draw cool birds :P

I hope to be able to update the blog soon! With the remaining assignments and maybe some final exam sketches. Stay tuned!

PS: There is a new about section on my website!!


My little sheep

So.....I finally finished this assignment for my study. This is my second animal we had to dissect and illustrate. Ofcourse I didnt't dissect a whole sheep (although I nearly bought a whole sheep by accident - still wonder how I would have brought it home with me on my bike :P) but I got a sheeps brain which is a quite common specimen to dissect. Since I was interested in the brain nerves and the eye movement I made this.
Other assignments are coming very very soon!!


Hugo the Yeti-Morlo

This is Hugo the Yeti-Morlo! He was found by me at a little bridge ...

Yeti-Morlos love the cold. When it is warm they just want to crawl in a shadowy space (most often caves) and sleep. That is probably why I found Hugo living at/under a little brigde. It was cold, damp and shady down there.
It took some time until he trusted me enough that I could take him home with me. At the beginning he was really scared and shy but became tame when he realized I really cared for him.

Hugo is about 15cm tall. He loves to sit in a sheltered cave-like space where he gets the sensation of his old habitat. I hope he will find a loving home :)

You can adopt Hugo here:

You can adopt Hugo here in my Etsy-shop

If you are interested in my Morlos and want to stay up to date you can follow Morlo's World Facebook page!


Way too much happening right now!!

My mum always says " If something is going to happen it will be very likely that everything is going happen at the same time."

So true, so true (mums are always right anyway :P).

At the moment I don't know where to start with. It is probably the best to start with what allready HAS happened:

A new creation!! This is Albert the MORUNCULUS!! As you can see a Morunculus is a more or less further developed Morlo. They turned to the upright walk and clothing! :)
This ones name is Albert (best pronounced the french way). He likes waffles with strawberries in the morning and insists on having an afternoon coffee-break with a different cake every day. As you can see he has a bit of a sweet tooth (I already told him that if his pants don't fit him anymore he has to make one himself!!) But I got him interested in fruit so hopefully this will be a healthy addition.

I hope that I will be able to show you more Morunculi this year. Albert is what you could call a protoype. As you can see in the next pictures he is slightly posable but I would have liked it to be more. This one will not be for sale since he didn't fully turn out as I expected AND I always like to keep the first of its kind (Morlo, Mini/Baby Morlo and now Morunculus). So if you are interested in buying posable Morunculi stay tuned.

Now I will tell you about all the stuff which is happening right now:

Right now I am preparing for an exhibition in Germany (Halberstadt im Harz). My first exhibition *yeah* :D
It is the 'MoVo - Moderne Vogelmaler' (Modern Birdpainters) and everybody participating has the chance to win the 'Silberne Uhu' (Silver Eagle Owl) as award. I figured that it was time to dare to sign up for one or two competitions this (and maybe every) year. That was my hint in my post "This year will be exciting.

You are probably curious which drawings will be displayed :)
They picked

You can have a closer look at these illustrations in the blogposts Bearded Bird, The Blue Tit and Three little Puffins. I am very happy that three illustrations were chosen. The exhibition will take place in June and I look forward to tell you guys everything about it.

Due to all this happening it could seem as if my final exam has taken a back seat. But it's not like that at all. I hope to be able to post some more details about my project this month. Before (and after) that I will work my ass off to make everything go down as smooth as possible!!! :D

PS: Four more Morlos to come. All finished just waiting to get good pictures taken and descriptions written!!!

PPS: Got featured on Drawing Served with my illustrations of the skeleton and abdomen :) Thanks to the person responsible for that!



The promised sketches :) This is just a small selection out of my last and my recent sketch book.

You can see here some creatures, some random sketches to get my mind of school and other stuff as well as some sketching for some Morlo designs :)


Deer skull and some good news

So I finally really get a hold on my to-do-list :)

This is one of my academy assignments. This should have been finished way earlier but....gnah... sometimes time is not your best friend.

But I am working as hard as I can to finish everything in time :). Should have everything done by summer since I will start with a really cool final exam project (yeah!) then!!!! :D

The deer skull is one of the two assignments I was talking about in the last posts. The other one is about the sheeps brain and eye-movement and should be finished this or next week. Then it is just a handful of really big assignemnts.... hff... but it is better to get your ass moving instead of sulking about how much is still left to do :P Then nothing would happen and you would have even less time to get it done. You better just start without thinking about how much is still ahead of you! (that's how it works for me).

Probably going to post some sketches in the next days. Has been a while since I did that. After that hopefully my new Morlos (all finished, just waiting to get a nice photoshoot) and then just what I am able to fill in my tight agenda :)


The Blue Tit

Another bird illustration hope to make some more illustrations with this kind of idea. It is the perfect solution for my background problem and I try to finish another one until monday. Then I am also going to tell you why I am working so hard on illustration about birds!!!!

And....did you know:
We humans can not detect a gender difference in males an females of the blue tit. But research has shown there is a difference. The only thing is that we can not see/detect it with our senses. Males are coloured different in nearly ultra violet (a wavelength we can not see) and it even seems the brighter their crests are the more attractive they are for the ladies

I am reading a very interesting book (Bird senses - What it's like to be a bird) about bird senses everybody who loves birds just has to read it!!!! I have had the chance to meet Tim Birkhead and follow a presentation by him. If you ever have the chance to follow a presentation/reading - do it!


Three little Puffins

It is finished. Finally.

My first bird drawing with background and I am still not sure if I really like working with one or not... Some tipps for that? Without background (see the bee-eaters) I always have the feeling they are sitting in front of nothing....

But....no time to worry about this. Still working on other stuff, which has to be finished this week!! DRAW! DRAW! DRAW!

More updates soon! :)


More to come

I am still busy like a bee :) and although it is a heavy workload it is also quite nice. In two days I will be able to post the finished version of the Puffin illustration (Three little puffins). Hopefully I will be able to show some assignments as I am currently working on a refined drawing of a buck skull and a poster about the sheeps brain in relationship to the sheeps eye and the sensory eye movement (quite a big project ;) ).

So much about my illustrations for academy or for some competitions....

My plushie-online shop got featured by a french website a while ago and I am very thankful for that :) I hope to update the site in the next week. I am looking forward to introduce three new Morlos to my loyal followers and soon I will even introduce a new creature. The Morunculus!!!

And now something inspirational:

a cinematic live dance experience called SEIZURE.


WIP II - Three little Puffins

....or two. So far.

Another preview for my upcoming illustration "Three little Puffins" :

And a detail :)

Sorry for the bad lightening, was to impatient!!


WIP - Three little Puffins

As mentioned in the last post I rarely have the time to write or post anything at the moment. I am very busy, I am sorry for my readers.

But today I couldn't resist to show you a little bit of a private project I am working on right now:

Still working my butt of for the school assignemnts, the contests and for my online shop "Morlo's World". Some new Morlos can be seen there soon!!


2013 will be exciting

2013 started out very exciting which is also part of the reason I rarely spend my time posting new art or writing new posts here in my blog...

First thing is that I have some very very exciting assignments at the moment... as soon as they are finished I will post them and write about them here :)

Second exciting news are that I will start to apply for my final exam (Masterpublication) this week. There is one very exciting place where I would love to go, but it is quite famous in Europe, so a lot of people will try to get in there ... I just hope they never had someone from a programm like mine and that they like my work so far and that they would like to work with me!!!!

And last but not least I will try to take part in some competitions this year. One is a national one (Germany) and one international one!! Following a post about competitions on "Muddy Colors" by Greg Manchess I thought it would be time to get myself out there!!!!



Or: still training my skills in drawing birds and still not succeding fully. I find it mesmerizing that, although I can see I get better and better in drawing in general, there is still so much to learn and so far to go.

It is awesome to be on this journey and being a student forever. There is always something to get better in, something to do different. A few years ago I kinda had that idea that someday you would 'arrive' somewhere where you know 'ok, that's it. I am there...'. But now I rather think that you will never have that moment as an artist or maybe I even hope it.

Btw. these are two bee-eaters. Some of the most colourful birds we have in Europe and I am very happy that I was able to observe them myself in Southern Germany close to the french border.