Good dog!

My next assignment :) to reconstruct a dog skeleton...later I will finish the dog in the visualization of the muscels and put the two pictures together. In short time I will have vacation and hopefully upload something else than my school assignments. Maybe there will be an update concerning my website as well.....hopefully.


My skeleton

Hei folks finally I am able to show some sign of life. I was pretty much stressed out with my study and will be for the next two years... so I will let you see the first assignment I had to do:
the whole thing is 100x70cm (lifesize skeleton). Each student had his/her 'own' skeleton to portrai. In the end we had to add a legend, but I like the illustration more without it :) Hope I will be able to update some information soon. I will just give two hints: New Website WIPs, Online shop (?)


Some more bubble love!!

I finished the third piece in my 'bubble-deer'-series:
"Oh my deer, I think I have a frog in my throat!" This series will hopefully have six pieces in the end. btw: I probably will not write too often anymore :/ my master is getting really exhausting. But....in a good way. I love getting back in realistic drawing and I am learning so much there....only thing is: we are heading towards winter and we have no lights there....which makes it impossible to work there in the evening, but I am not a morning person either .....mepmep... Ahja, aaaaand I am easily distracted :P concentration....biggy....but I hope I will get better in sitting there for hours drawing, not getting distracted .... Maybe I can show you soon what I did the last 5 weeks. Stay positive everyone!


Last of 'my book'-update

This will be the last creature design update until I will show you the video of skimming through it.


It is intense

Hello hello, I am posting again. Thats because I still have lots of characters from my book stored to be uploaded....when that ends I hope that I still had the time to do new stuff (mostly something very very small like this.....
) Because after two weeks of drawing (human skeleton) I am really exhausted. Furthermore I wasn't used to get up every morning (more or less on time) anymore, to be somewhere and study. You really learn a lot and it didn't even really start yet. There is a ton to come which no one ever did before :) Medical stuff.... But....here you go....with the Real Dustbunny:


My book

So these are creature sheets for the first creatures of my book. Next time you will get a short video of how my book looks in print :) And since I finished my final exams.....I am enjoying my short vacation :)


Hello Sunshine

Another Morlo....The first one with 'real' eyes! He lives in the garden of my parents and seems to be way more intelligent than the rest of them! He tried to communicate with me and was for sure the optimistic type :)

PS: My Morlo shop will open soon ;) Sorry to everyone who ever asked me if they are for sale. Yes, some of the shown Morlos will be for sale :) But I was kinda busy with my final exams and when I wanted to start it a while ago I found out I have to go through a lil bit of bureaucracy which kept me from opening it right away.
For all the nice people who are interested: I will announce the opening of my shop in my blog :) stay tuned!


Being cocky?

First of something pretty for all of you:

As you can see...I did something else than working on my final exam. what means.... I am kinda done with it. My book is being printed right now and I can pick it up on monday. A few days later I will present it to my docents. It just has to work!!! First because I worked my tiny ass off for this project in that amount of time and second because I am going to start with my Master of Scientific Illustration in September. YAEH!! Actually I wanted to announce it way earlier, but I was so busy finishing my bachelor.....
So that were the happy news I wanted to announce way back....

As soon as the project is absolutely done I will give you some insight in my book and the creatures it contains....


Busy like a bee

The reason why I am so busy: last week before final exam....next week my book will be printed and I am quite excited if it will all work out fine :/

As you can see a lot of fluffy, weird creatures .... :) I will explain the concept when I am done with it :D


The one with the crazy eyes...

....is Igor:

A new Morlo looking totally different than all the others I saw so far.... especially the eyes. He seems to be way more intelligent as well....and....he has a duck. He loves his tiny devil rubber duck!!!

He will stay with me as the first one of his kind!!! And I will go on looking for Morlos with this (real) crazy eyes.

More updates will follow soon....I want to give you a peak into my current project!!


this campaign really touched me

We miss you

...and I am still working on my endexam...

...but in the next days there will be an update with a new morlo...

...and some happy news to announce...


working hard

Here you go with some stuff that inspires me in my work and life:

Hooray For Earth - True Loves from Young Replicant on Vimeo.

As the title of this entry says I am working hard on my changed end-exam, creatures, illustration and texts...one the soon to be opened Morlo shop on Etsy...on new Morlos to be sure to have new ones and because of experimenting with new types of eyes and furs.... on new illustrations...

....and some stuff called 'rest-of-private-life'.

PS: I am definitely going to watch this:

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

Have a nice time!



First the bad news: I didn't make the go to participate in the final exams of my academy. I didn't get it and I didn't want to get it because it would have been stupid to try with the stuff I had so far. So I decided to go for a no-go....and had a talk about it and was allowed to take some steps back to my very very very first idea. So no graphic novel stuff anymore. It will still be a book....but....psshhh....
You will see what it is when it is finished.
I am not happy about not making it but I am over the deepest pit of self-pitty :P I rather make a good product a little bit later than showing off something really aweful just to participate.
I just hope, that there will be no problem with re-doing the final exam in August and, if I get accepted, starting the Master Programme in September.

Now the good news:
I got a DD on deviantArt on my green Baby-Morlo: Name of Image Took me half an hour in the morning to figure out what had happened!! Thanks again to all the nice people!

And now some pictures I wasn't able to upload until now because of the academy-stress:


My website...

...is up and running!!! It is still a prototype, a work in progress, but I thought it is good enough to show to the world :)
As soon as I am not in so much timetrouble I will work on it....
There are so so so much possibilities....it makes me happy just thinking about exploring them!!! (although I have to admit that me working on pure technic ends in screaming sessions a lot).

And here you go, have fun and enjoy:



Still alive

Hei folks,

I am still alive....barely...the pressure is immense...and at the moment I am not sure if I will get a 'go' for the endexam-exhibition. I would be really really sad...also because it seems that my docents where sure, that I would make it...we will see on monday...

for now some pics of another Morlo:


Final oilpaintings of the Deergirl (oil)series....have fun. Next up: zoo sketches!


The next stage...

The next stage of being a deer girl: Half a deer, two of them. Following up are the next stages of their development.


Four of them

I finished the whole series over a year ago, but didn't manage so far to take decent pictures....then I moved to Berlin without them....BUT now: there are decent pictures. These four show they early stages of deerism. More evolved stages will follow. Hope you enjoy them!


....never ever....

little fan art to train my portrait skills.....still needs tons of work (beard, freckles)....

very tired after (as well as other things) enjoying a day long workshop by:
Wouter Tulp


Don't look back

As promised!!! Finally some of the paintings and drawings I made in Berlin....too bad I had no access to any scanner....but now I am at my parents home = scanner. YAEH!

I am nearly back in my old hometown. I thought this painting was very fitting. Berlin wasn't in any way as I expected it would be. most of the time it was shitty...but I managed to learn a lot and I won't look back on the shitty parts.
The first big steps on my to-do-list are done....now it is the big step 'finishing my bachelor' (incl. end exam exhibition)... so now it is time to look forward to the next months!!

More paintings/drawings are coming in the next days!!!

Tomorow: BIG workshop in my academy with the first really awesome guest illustrator: Woulter Tulp!!! Looking forward to that!!!


Drawing treat

Since I managed to finish the written part of my thesis in time here something connected to my academy work for now:

You see different creatures here which I developed in the first attempts of my visual endexam part...while writing the theoretical part I found out that my first thoughts about my chosen topic were wrong, thats why in the end there maybe won't appear a singel of these lil creatures....

(fyi: the upper one is a sock-devourer...it lives in the corners of your washing mashine....his four eyes are blind cuz of living in darknes all his life...he manages to stick inside the mashine with his lil suckers and he has a very very thin and very very long tongue with lil hook at its. With this tounge he reaches through the lil wholes in the washing drum as soon as it holds still and tries to catch a sock....you ever wondered why you end up with several single socks every year?? There you have it!)



Just a week to go for my entrance exam..... I am f***ing nervous!!! Hopefully for now the last post without any of my own stuff....

I love this kinda stuff. Playing with art on the line between something living and something artificial (build a living computer in my first academy year...it was soft by touch, had a heartbeat, hair aso....too bad it was too big to keep it).



All the stuff I am doing right now....

Name of Image

...keeps me from posting my stuff, so here, another inspirational post.

I hope you enjoy it. Hope to post real stuff soon.


After a few days of...

...I realized that I just had a problem of procrastination. I think everybody who reads this suffered from it atleast once (problably most of the time). In my opinion it's okay to do it for a while after you had a really stressfull time in your life. Johnny Kelly made a lovely video about it:

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

So I allow myself a lil bit of it everyday, like drinking a cup of coffee slowly while staring out of the window. But then I get my ass back to work.


Imagine and dream...

...your own dreams rather than the dreams of other people!

Name of Image

This is a real woman!! Painted in a painted room/corner to look like a Painting. Hit the pic to see more of these!!



Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

If you follow your constant desire to create in a good manner (working your ass off just for the sake of creating!) something beautiful will happen.


Draw! Draw! Draw!

Okay...hehe, yesterday I did a drawing. Started to feel a lot better (yay, meds are working). So that is how I dress at them moment!!

More inspiration:


Communicate Well

Name of Image

This is a lovely interview with korean artist Jin Young Yu (click the pic). I love her work. I find it very emotional every time I look at her sculptures. So have fun and enjoy it!!


Observe Everything

I am still sick, so no new paintings are similar to that. But To give you some insight, I will post stuff that inspires me the next days:

Have fun!


busy busy busy

writing my thesis, thinking about the stuff to show for my endexam connected to my thesis, preparing for my MA entrance exam (I found out it takes place in macrh - april...).....and....I am sick...my sore throat is killing me and I sleep a lot of my time trying not getting sicker....

so this week just a lovely short video:



Didn't post in a while

An update for the little guy I found in my backyard:

Isn't he adorable?? :)

Sorry for that. I am quite busy with preparing for academy. Getting all nervous since I haven't been there since last summer. I am excited to see what will have changed, what not etc. We will finally meet our new illustration docent.

Here the last two mystery files:


Sneek peek

I promised another baby Morlo. I found it in our backyard, next to the garbage...he was cold and shivering and tried to hide when I came out to get rid of my own garbage...unsuccessful. The tiny thing seemed to be quite hungry, since it was easy to lure him to me with some cookies I wanted to take with me to my workplace.
I don't know when the leave their mothers or nest...I looked arround but no other Morlo was there, so I took him with me.
Since he felt really comfortable arround the Deer Morlo in the park I took pictures of him as well. He constantly seem to be in awe and is very easy to impress:

Aaaand.....the twentythird of my mystery pieces....two more to go and it's done:


Swans hate Morlos

Taking pictures with one of my newest Morlos wasn't as easy as thought. Since I chose a haven there were ducks.....and swans.....evil swans...
They were far away and I had no food. But no matter what....they came up to me without any reason. Maybe they thought I would give them food and just didn't notice them so far. Anyhow...they didn't get anything. So they got pissed. Then they noticed the Morlo close to them, staring at them. Turned out, swans don't like Morlos very much...several times I had to remove the Deer Morlo just to be safe that they wouldn't attack it.

And there are some pictures without the dumb swans...
A Deer Morlo in full view...It is so far one of my favourites, although one of his tiny antlers is broken (probably happened when he was digging for roots, insects and worms).
Another Baby Morlo is coming up as well. You will soon get a peek and then better pictures.