Little Treehugger

After a very long time I was finally able to go searching for some Morlos again. Lucky enough I found one in the gardens next to the house of my parents. First it was hiding in the bushes:

But when I set down and was really still it turned out to be less shy and really playful. It scampered around the gras but in the first moment I moved it climbed up a tree.

After I waited for a while (of course frozen) it came down again and enjoyed a sunbath. But all the time it made sure it would be able to be back up the tree in seconds.

Even with cookies I couldn't persuade it to come closer again. Maybe next time.


Insight II.

I am still moving forward.Last week with high speed, this week (since it is official vacation time here) a little bit slower. But I got the okay to work on a lot of assignments this summer :). Hopefully I will be able to finish most of them, so that I am again on track with my study plan.

I am so happy that I finally finished the second part of the Somso-modell:

It is the second out of three illustrations. The one before was this one: http://ankatsart.blogspot.de/2012/05/to-get-insight.html and the third will be an ink-drawing from the very first illustration. So stay tuned!! :)

And for some 'out of academy' inspiration:

I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo.



May I proudly present you the second change for my web presence:

My new logo!!!

Next changes will be my new website (hopefully launching about a week or so) and my super very double tripple new Morlo-Online-Shop!!

Besides that I had my evaluation talk and I am still try to work as much as possible, although it is kinda hard because everybody is heading towards vacation allready (summer vacation yeah). If you don't hear from me for a while I might just enjoy some vacation days as well :) I would really need them.