So i had this idea to just try to post everything from the summer until now in chronological order in a few entries.
Yeah...hm... sometimes you plan things... and it just does not work out that way ;)
At the moment I am overflooded with new and exciting and interesting things which are happening arround me!
That's why I decided to just post everything when it's done or whenever feel lik it and I hope that the past illustrations and back then exciting news will be all posted until december.

This is a new illustration of a red-backed shrike and the second illustration from the 'peekaboo' (temporary title) series. It is also published in my second bird series on behance: Birds II
There you can also see a new illustration of a hoopoe for a spanish agency.

Hope to be able to update soon with my old academy assignments and maybe even some new stuff.

But for now just a picture of me and Lima the Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle in Hellenthal.

I went to Hellenthal a great station for bird of prey in the Eifel in Germany to do some research and get some references for my master publication. There I could follow a day-long workshop on bird of prey and falconers. That's how I got to know Lima and even had a go in traning together with a harris hawk named Cora.


Long time no see

Hei guys,

I had quite a busy summer. Because of that I had to abandon my blog and some other pages for some time. But I am back now!!!

To get you back on track:

I finished the sheep illustration and went on with two rat illustrations :) One in colourpencil (which you can see right here) and one in line which still has to go through some minor corrections and will be shown in the next entry.

After that I finished an anatomy assignment which is still being digitalized and a spread about the 'Double opozing z-plastic' which still awaits correction of the surgeon we worked with.
As soon as everything is ready to be shown I will post it here :)
Next to finishing my last assignments I moved together with my boyfriend in an old house which wasn't renovated since the 50's. Now I have my own workroom with enough space for all my stuff. A single workplace for digital drawing, traditional drawing and sewing ;) Pictures the next time!! :D

After I was just done with all of that I started my final exam at the clinic for birds, reptilians, amphibians and fish in Gießen (Germany). I got to do what I wanted to do: to illustrate a publication about the arteficial insamination of birds using the example of parrots and birds of prey. So I get to draw cool birds :P

I hope to be able to update the blog soon! With the remaining assignments and maybe some final exam sketches. Stay tuned!

PS: There is a new about section on my website!!