2013 will be exciting

2013 started out very exciting which is also part of the reason I rarely spend my time posting new art or writing new posts here in my blog...

First thing is that I have some very very exciting assignments at the moment... as soon as they are finished I will post them and write about them here :)

Second exciting news are that I will start to apply for my final exam (Masterpublication) this week. There is one very exciting place where I would love to go, but it is quite famous in Europe, so a lot of people will try to get in there ... I just hope they never had someone from a programm like mine and that they like my work so far and that they would like to work with me!!!!

And last but not least I will try to take part in some competitions this year. One is a national one (Germany) and one international one!! Following a post about competitions on "Muddy Colors" by Greg Manchess I thought it would be time to get myself out there!!!!



Or: still training my skills in drawing birds and still not succeding fully. I find it mesmerizing that, although I can see I get better and better in drawing in general, there is still so much to learn and so far to go.

It is awesome to be on this journey and being a student forever. There is always something to get better in, something to do different. A few years ago I kinda had that idea that someday you would 'arrive' somewhere where you know 'ok, that's it. I am there...'. But now I rather think that you will never have that moment as an artist or maybe I even hope it.

Btw. these are two bee-eaters. Some of the most colourful birds we have in Europe and I am very happy that I was able to observe them myself in Southern Germany close to the french border.