Merry Christmas

Hello hello,

I think for the last time in this year I will give you an update about my art.

This is another deer drawing. I am still not too happy with it. I wanna dig deeper next time. With this picture I don't even get the feeling that it scratched some surface. But....I am happy about the technique I used.

And now....Merry Christmas to all of you:


Hard working vs. real life

So...I am fully busy with my Morlos, just finished 2 new bodies today and will start/finish the third just now. Aswell I am thinking about a handful of lil scenarios for my animations for work. Still I have no GOOD ideas...hm...

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

that would be the inspiration for today ;) There are just some videos I really dig and watch everytime I ran out of ideas. Sadly it doesn't help for the lil scripts. So I am working on my own stuff now. Sadly aswell...work at the agency all day and the cook, get comfy and work for myself on different stuff (yeah...I am also sharpening ideas for my endexam in 2011...in March I have to present the theoretical part of my bachelor thesis and in June/July the practical part) collides seriously with daily real life stuff. Stuff like paperworks, groceries, CLEANING (big issue since I moved in the way bigger apartment), washing....but yeah. Time to grow up!!!


On the road again

Kinda with my art. So here comes the second picture out of the 'circle girls' series (which, when the inbetweens are finished, and yes they are allready in work, will be in the end, see title). It is called 'Last circel girl'

 So that's the 2D part at the moment.....the inbetweens are in work...one nearly finished. I hope I will be able to scan and upload it this week. Beside the 2D illustrations I am working on my Morlos. Just finished four new faces yesterday and searched and found a bunch of allready fnished ones (they were still in boxes since moving to Berlin). I just have to say: I love SuperSculpey. I worked with different clay before and this is the best so far. It's nearly weightless and i can work it out super thin....just awesome!

Here some inspiration, enjoy: