Digestive system of the rat

This is my illustration with legend for the digestive system of the rat we had to do. First we had to diesct a rat ourselves and decide which system we would like to visualize. I decided, as you can see, in favour of the digestive system:


“Whenever you feel sad..."

“Whenever you feel sad, think that there are billions of cells inside your body that only care about you”

One of my teachers said that this week.

This is a very nice, especially if you are sick. This week I'm in bed with a bad cold. Sleeping, drawing, sleeping, eating, and more sleeping...But I know my cells are caring now more than ever (actually thats not right, I guess I am on top of the list every day ;) ).


Lenny the Lemur-Morlo

Hello hello

Although I am very busy I managed to go on with my most favourite hobby:

The discovery of new Morlos!!! This little fellow was found by me in a garden center at the dutch/belgium border. The poor thing sat jittering and shivering in an excotic plant. When I knelt down he directly headed towards me and crawled under my winter jacket. I asked the owner of the garden center and they had no problem with me taking him home (I even had the feeling they were kinda happy about it).

Due to bad weather I wasn't able to take outdoor pictures, but since he loves to sit in a warm spot it didn't matter much to him he also loves to eat mango and pineaple.

You can adopt him here in Morlos World!

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Adopt us!!!

It has been seven weeks since Morlos World (online shop) was launched. But there are still so many Morlos waiting to be adopted by YOU!

Name of ImageAllan

Name of ImageElla

Name of ImageVanessa

Name of ImageFinn

Name of ImageNathaniel

Name of ImageSunny

Name of ImageHenry

Name of ImageDexter

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Olecranonosteotomy II

NOW: This is finally the colour illustration of my self dissected specimen.
It shows an olecranonosteotomy of a left arm. It was quite difficult to dissect it and to get the perspective right in the drawing etc. I had to clean up lots of 'stuff' in the drawing to shape it into something logic.
I am quite satisfied how it turned out. Since I have experience in colourpencil but NEVER ever used this technic I am even more happy that I managed to get all the colour right.

I showed you the sketch in an earlier post:




This week a fellow student took a picture of me in our academy because one of my docents thought it was quite a view how I arranged everything arround me:

I thought these are good to show how I work:

You can see me (with new haircut ;)) working on the colour illustration of the olecranonosteotomy. To the right I have the black and white 'sketch' as well as some notes and an actual photograph, which is blurred out for different reasons. Between my colourpencil box and the black and white drawing you can see some colour tests (I pinned it to the drawing with the top of the box), then, quite visible my big box of colour pencils, next to it all my normal/usual pencils and pens and the rest is, books, tea and water. You have to stay hydrated!!



This is the black and white drawing (aka "sketch" for my docents) of my self dissected specimen.
It shows an olecranonosteotomy of a left arm. It was quite difficult to dissect it and to get the perspective right in the drawing etc. I had to clean up lots of 'stuff' in the drawing to shape it into something logic. I am quite satisfied how it turned out.

As I said in the beginning officially it is a sketch: for a full colour drawing/painting. We were allowed to do it in watercolour or any other coloured medium. I decided to do it in colourpencil and hope that it turns out ok.


Announcement: Morlo - Online - Shop!!!


It is there and will be officially opened at Wednesday the 19th of September 2012 at 18:00h UTC.

If you don't know what that means I have a world clock event here:
Name of Image World Clock


The first Morlos to be sold will be:

Name of Image Henry the little green-blue Morlo

Ella the Bunny-Morlo

Name of Image Vanessa the Deer-Morlo

Name of Image Nathaniel the neurotic Morlo

First come first serve!!

If you are interested just click here: Morlos World

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Bearded bird

My portfolio is a young one and could be a little bit bigger. Especially in the field of scientific illustrations. So I decided this summer that I will work on more pieces which are not only fascinating but as well fill up some space in my thin portfolio.

This will be one piece of them. It's a Bearded Reedling (fluffing up his feathers because of the cold) sitting on some common reed. I hope I can do more bird illustrations as well as some more personal pieces as the last one.




Click it!!!

Old spot, new website!!

I know, I know. I started talking about making a new one quite a while ago (haha...). But (and this but ist a big one) there where many problems I didn't think of in the beginning.

First one was: I started to design the layout for my new website shortly after I started my Master Programme Scientific Illustration. Soon I had this problem: Where should I put my scientific illustrations?/How would I fit it in my really playful webdesign (sneak peak website)?
It took a while until I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to go on with scientific illustration I would have to be a little bit more serious.
BUT then I was a little unhappy: Should I just drop the idea (and the design I already put hours and hours of drawing AND ANIMATING! in)? Where would I put my Morlos? How can I be a serious illustrator and show my love for weird creatures and animation?
Finally it came to me (with the help of my boyfriend) that it would be possible to do both!

Two websites for two different things! This is my official (for clients) portfolio website and the other one will be more for me (hrhrhr).

And another but: BUT (since it will take a long time to revisit the design and change it into a Morlo dominated world) I will open my online shop before there is the Morlo website!!!!!! So stay tuned!! There will be a new announcment very soon!


Beautiful decay

The finished piece and the first personal illustration in a long time.... and as well the first time I tried to use the technics I learned in my Master Programme in a free illustration.

Stock by That-damn-eskimo I am happy to be able to use pictures wich are meant to be shared by everybody :)



A sneak peak of a new drawing. For the first time I tried to use the technics I learned in my Master Programme in a free illustration. Hope to be able to finish it this week and to start a new one before Academy starts again in 2,5 weeks.


Fluffy little caterpillar

I had another trip to the gardens and saw this cute fella:

As you can see this Caterpillar Morlo is more than visible. I guess he came out to chew on some leaves and thinking he is save because it was in the middle of two heavy rain showers.

But I bet it is more of an arctic version of Morlos. Hiding the best in snow covered bushes, chewing frozn leaves :)


Little Treehugger

After a very long time I was finally able to go searching for some Morlos again. Lucky enough I found one in the gardens next to the house of my parents. First it was hiding in the bushes:

But when I set down and was really still it turned out to be less shy and really playful. It scampered around the gras but in the first moment I moved it climbed up a tree.

After I waited for a while (of course frozen) it came down again and enjoyed a sunbath. But all the time it made sure it would be able to be back up the tree in seconds.

Even with cookies I couldn't persuade it to come closer again. Maybe next time.


Insight II.

I am still moving forward.Last week with high speed, this week (since it is official vacation time here) a little bit slower. But I got the okay to work on a lot of assignments this summer :). Hopefully I will be able to finish most of them, so that I am again on track with my study plan.

I am so happy that I finally finished the second part of the Somso-modell:

It is the second out of three illustrations. The one before was this one: http://ankatsart.blogspot.de/2012/05/to-get-insight.html and the third will be an ink-drawing from the very first illustration. So stay tuned!! :)

And for some 'out of academy' inspiration:

I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo.



May I proudly present you the second change for my web presence:

My new logo!!!

Next changes will be my new website (hopefully launching about a week or so) and my super very double tripple new Morlo-Online-Shop!!

Besides that I had my evaluation talk and I am still try to work as much as possible, although it is kinda hard because everybody is heading towards vacation allready (summer vacation yeah). If you don't hear from me for a while I might just enjoy some vacation days as well :) I would really need them.



May I proudly present you the first change for my web presence:

My very new header!!! (as you can see, my blog is changed in its colour as well)

It will be the first of a couple of big changes! Including my new website (hopefully launching in two weeks at the latest) and my super very double tripple new Morlo-Online-Shop!!

Besides that I am working my ass of for my study (we have a BIG evaluation-talk-with-everybody-thing next week), I discovered my love for quinoa and will have to say the last and forever big good bye to a loved person for the second time this year.
Last is also the reason why I am not totally in time with all my master assignments or the other stuff (a.k.a. website ....). But things like that are not important compared to big life changes and the new ways of thinking in which these changes result.


Being sick sucks

It really does!!! At least it gives me the time to work at my website (STATUS: nearly finished!!!!! yeah!!) And it is connected to my art which is important ;-)

And for everybody out there I have this awesome video:

It is Neil Gaiman addressing the University of the Arts (Phl) Class of 2012. Enjoy!!


To get an insight

Although I am behind my study plan I am happy that I move forward. At least I finally finished the drawing of a Somso-modell. Nearly everybody knows it from school. In my school it was called Emma (it was female, the one in the drawing though is gender neutral ;-) ). It was so hard...since I have trouble with the 'big forms' it just doesn't get easier if you have to draw an already stylized plastic no-were-close-to-real-life-because-you-have-to-be-able-to-take-all-plastic-organs-out fricking puppet. But...after a lot of "you have to make something nice for you for every assignment" talk with my docents I decided to be guided by anatomy lessons and operation pictures (since body parts in formaline tend to look 'a lil' different than in real life)

But here is the result, take a look four yourself:

Furthermore I am busy to cross out stuff from my list. I will let everybody know soon when my website is being launched/the webshop opened.



Due to some serious private problems I had to stop working on my website and online shop. I am really sorry for that and hope that It will be up and running this month. But I learned that whenever you think you have everything set to start/do something life just doesn't go along.

But I am also happy to be able to show something from the workshop we had a few weeks ago:

Since we used the scapula we picked in the beginning for every technical workshop we had so far: another scapula!
Maybe I should explain why we always use the same motive. First: The scapula itself offers a lot of different difficulties: concave and convex forms, parts in the background, parts in the foreground and even some slightly transparent parts and different types of textures. Second: If you use the same motive for different technics it is very easy to compare them and find out which one you prefer for which pros.

You can compare it yourself:

I can say I enjoyed more than using the water colour technic :)



In lifeclass we got dogs in the last weeks. I just wanted to share some sketches with all of you. They were such cute dogs and so good models!!


Workshop and Website

So, I was busy ....real busy...the guys in my house even thought I moved out because they never saw me in the last month....

Busy with finishing up my website...
busy with getting all the financial official stuff for my online shop done....
busy with my study...

The last two days we had a workshop arround certain water colour technics:

As preparation we made a drawing (left) of a shoulder blade (scapula) which we would paint (right) then in the method we got introduced to in the morning.

PS: The deadline for opening my online shop and starting my new website is set in april!! STAY TUNED!!!


Portrait and more

this is something I do while I study. We have the access to life drawing courses, nude models and portrait as you can see here :)

Hopefully more updates soon. I am waiting for my last stuff to arrive from the big bad tax office to be able to officially and legally open my online store :D I will announce it: BIG TIME!

I finished the layout for my new website and just have to go through the process of programming and then it will be finished. Hopefully at the same time I can open the shop :D



As promised the steps I took with my dog assignment:

After a quick sketch of the 'real' dog (muscle structure in plaster stone) I constructed the skeleton. I worked out the first traditional pencil drawing for my assignment.

As a next step I put the drawing of the skeleton in the context of the outlines of the dog.

While I did the first parts partially at home I worked on the full drawing of the dog in school.

When the drawing of the plaster dog was finished I did the same as with the drawing of the skeleton just the other way around. I made a digital version of the skeleton drawing and put it on top of the drawing of the dog.

And finally the digital version of the skeleton (which certainly was the hardest for me to make because I never made such a complicated drawing in Illustrator).