Swans hate Morlos

Taking pictures with one of my newest Morlos wasn't as easy as thought. Since I chose a haven there were ducks.....and swans.....evil swans...
They were far away and I had no food. But no matter what....they came up to me without any reason. Maybe they thought I would give them food and just didn't notice them so far. Anyhow...they didn't get anything. So they got pissed. Then they noticed the Morlo close to them, staring at them. Turned out, swans don't like Morlos very much...several times I had to remove the Deer Morlo just to be safe that they wouldn't attack it.

And there are some pictures without the dumb swans...
A Deer Morlo in full view...It is so far one of my favourites, although one of his tiny antlers is broken (probably happened when he was digging for roots, insects and worms).
Another Baby Morlo is coming up as well. You will soon get a peek and then better pictures.


File pile

And after this there will be more Morlos to show.....got another Baby Morlo as well. It was in our backyard next to the trash.....poor thing.


My very first baby Morlo!

Okay. I allready told all of you, that my search for more Morlos is getting more and more intense. I am 'collecting' more and more. Some want to come home with me, some stay in their habitat.

These adorable two I found again close to my workplace. I think the small one is a Morlo baby!!!! It is soooo tiny and cute. To bad that we had really bad weather for over a week now. I actually found them last week and since I didn't see them in the days inbetween I just took a picture when I had a chance today. It is possible that they don't stay in one building all the time. But I hope I can replace them with better pictures soon.

Later they actually followed me up in our agency :)


More files

About one week ago I was at a very special drawing lesson. Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School in the White Trash Fast Food Restaurant...
We had two burlesque dancers as models and the whole atmosphere was quite awesome, although it was tough to draw because th room was full, I was late, got a place in the back, couldnt see halft of what was happening in front, I didn't draw live for about a year and they had costumes and a lot of stage props!!
But still, two drawings came out pretty good. I will in future with our academy scanner re-scan the orange one...the one at work couldn't catch the colours.



Project X, Part XI

My bathroom Morlo

As I allready told my blog-readers I got two more Morlos living with me. One is all over the place but the other seems to be most comfortable in my bathroom.

So this is him :) My personal bathroom Morlo. I found him looking pretty miserable in a public toilet and took him home. He was such an afraid little thing. Stinky and dirty, skinny and shivering. First thing he got was a warm bath until his bright fur kept the same colour....after a few days I found out his favourite food and since then he became tame.
I think he is a bit of a hypochondriac....he likes it clean. My bathroom was clean before. But now it can happen that after two days of not cleaning I will step into some protest poop in the morning...

Since I got him used to the camera in the last days here you have the pictures :)



And now following up: Number five and six:

Furthermore I got two more Morlos living with me. One is all over the place but the other seems to be most comfortable in my bathroom. I think the one living in the bathroom is a bit of a hypochondriac....he likes it clean. I will try to take pictures tomorow since I got him used to the camera in the last days.


and three and four....placed like this it gives away what it could be. Take a guess!!


Second of the lil project I am doing :) It will go on for about two more weeks. Stay tuned:


This is the first picture for my little inbetween project. Just because I couldn't think of a better name it will be named 'project X' for now.

Everyday I will upload one picture.

Maybe the smart ones will figure out what these are (not what they show....but what purpose they have) and solve the mystery :P before I will upload the finishing piece.


First post this year

Here I am again. Happy New Year ;) Yeah yeah, late I know. But I have a busy life right now...already preparing for the BIG BIG last of all exams :) Since I know time will always run out way too early I try to visualize all ideas as clear as possible.
At the same time I am still working in Berlin. Mostly on my own. But maybe more words about that, when I some day can (maybe) show something of what I did.
As well....I am hunting and collecting Morlos at the moment. There are the most wonderful ones in the most unexpected places!! As soon as they are tame enough to be photographed I will show them to you!!!
Aaaannnd....I am working on my business cards and some other small stuff like presents, long time ago comissions and training in drawings....
Next thing on my list.....hunting down more Morlos! (Don't worry....they are really easy to catch with food, so they don't get harmed)....writing stuff for my academy to get to the BIG last exam ever...
AND: preparing for my entrance examination this summer for the Master in Scientific Illustration...

FINALLY, allot to do!! yeah!

Hope you read me again the next time :D

PS: I am learning more and more about After Effects through my workplace and the help of somebody special :) I love it. I think also somewhen this year I will try to get a real 3D programm or concentrate on stop motion :)

PPS: For your inpiration :