First the bad news: I didn't make the go to participate in the final exams of my academy. I didn't get it and I didn't want to get it because it would have been stupid to try with the stuff I had so far. So I decided to go for a no-go....and had a talk about it and was allowed to take some steps back to my very very very first idea. So no graphic novel stuff anymore. It will still be a book....but....psshhh....
You will see what it is when it is finished.
I am not happy about not making it but I am over the deepest pit of self-pitty :P I rather make a good product a little bit later than showing off something really aweful just to participate.
I just hope, that there will be no problem with re-doing the final exam in August and, if I get accepted, starting the Master Programme in September.

Now the good news:
I got a DD on deviantArt on my green Baby-Morlo: Name of Image Took me half an hour in the morning to figure out what had happened!! Thanks again to all the nice people!

And now some pictures I wasn't able to upload until now because of the academy-stress:

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