Hello Sunshine

Another Morlo....The first one with 'real' eyes! He lives in the garden of my parents and seems to be way more intelligent than the rest of them! He tried to communicate with me and was for sure the optimistic type :)

PS: My Morlo shop will open soon ;) Sorry to everyone who ever asked me if they are for sale. Yes, some of the shown Morlos will be for sale :) But I was kinda busy with my final exams and when I wanted to start it a while ago I found out I have to go through a lil bit of bureaucracy which kept me from opening it right away.
For all the nice people who are interested: I will announce the opening of my shop in my blog :) stay tuned!


Being cocky?

First of something pretty for all of you:

As you can see...I did something else than working on my final exam. what means.... I am kinda done with it. My book is being printed right now and I can pick it up on monday. A few days later I will present it to my docents. It just has to work!!! First because I worked my tiny ass off for this project in that amount of time and second because I am going to start with my Master of Scientific Illustration in September. YAEH!! Actually I wanted to announce it way earlier, but I was so busy finishing my bachelor.....
So that were the happy news I wanted to announce way back....

As soon as the project is absolutely done I will give you some insight in my book and the creatures it contains....


Busy like a bee

The reason why I am so busy: last week before final exam....next week my book will be printed and I am quite excited if it will all work out fine :/

As you can see a lot of fluffy, weird creatures .... :) I will explain the concept when I am done with it :D