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Old spot, new website!!

I know, I know. I started talking about making a new one quite a while ago (haha...). But (and this but ist a big one) there where many problems I didn't think of in the beginning.

First one was: I started to design the layout for my new website shortly after I started my Master Programme Scientific Illustration. Soon I had this problem: Where should I put my scientific illustrations?/How would I fit it in my really playful webdesign (sneak peak website)?
It took a while until I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to go on with scientific illustration I would have to be a little bit more serious.
BUT then I was a little unhappy: Should I just drop the idea (and the design I already put hours and hours of drawing AND ANIMATING! in)? Where would I put my Morlos? How can I be a serious illustrator and show my love for weird creatures and animation?
Finally it came to me (with the help of my boyfriend) that it would be possible to do both!

Two websites for two different things! This is my official (for clients) portfolio website and the other one will be more for me (hrhrhr).

And another but: BUT (since it will take a long time to revisit the design and change it into a Morlo dominated world) I will open my online shop before there is the Morlo website!!!!!! So stay tuned!! There will be a new announcment very soon!

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