Lenny the Lemur-Morlo

Hello hello

Although I am very busy I managed to go on with my most favourite hobby:

The discovery of new Morlos!!! This little fellow was found by me in a garden center at the dutch/belgium border. The poor thing sat jittering and shivering in an excotic plant. When I knelt down he directly headed towards me and crawled under my winter jacket. I asked the owner of the garden center and they had no problem with me taking him home (I even had the feeling they were kinda happy about it).

Due to bad weather I wasn't able to take outdoor pictures, but since he loves to sit in a warm spot it didn't matter much to him he also loves to eat mango and pineaple.

You can adopt him here in Morlos World!

Stay up to date and like my the facebook page of Morlos World!! :)

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