Hugo the Yeti-Morlo

This is Hugo the Yeti-Morlo! He was found by me at a little bridge ...

Yeti-Morlos love the cold. When it is warm they just want to crawl in a shadowy space (most often caves) and sleep. That is probably why I found Hugo living at/under a little brigde. It was cold, damp and shady down there.
It took some time until he trusted me enough that I could take him home with me. At the beginning he was really scared and shy but became tame when he realized I really cared for him.

Hugo is about 15cm tall. He loves to sit in a sheltered cave-like space where he gets the sensation of his old habitat. I hope he will find a loving home :)

You can adopt Hugo here:

You can adopt Hugo here in my Etsy-shop

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