Don't look back

As promised!!! Finally some of the paintings and drawings I made in Berlin....too bad I had no access to any scanner....but now I am at my parents home = scanner. YAEH!

I am nearly back in my old hometown. I thought this painting was very fitting. Berlin wasn't in any way as I expected it would be. most of the time it was shitty...but I managed to learn a lot and I won't look back on the shitty parts.
The first big steps on my to-do-list are done....now it is the big step 'finishing my bachelor' (incl. end exam exhibition)... so now it is time to look forward to the next months!!

More paintings/drawings are coming in the next days!!!

Tomorow: BIG workshop in my academy with the first really awesome guest illustrator: Woulter Tulp!!! Looking forward to that!!!

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