Drawing treat

Since I managed to finish the written part of my thesis in time here something connected to my academy work for now:

You see different creatures here which I developed in the first attempts of my visual endexam part...while writing the theoretical part I found out that my first thoughts about my chosen topic were wrong, thats why in the end there maybe won't appear a singel of these lil creatures....

(fyi: the upper one is a sock-devourer...it lives in the corners of your washing mashine....his four eyes are blind cuz of living in darknes all his life...he manages to stick inside the mashine with his lil suckers and he has a very very thin and very very long tongue with lil hook at its. With this tounge he reaches through the lil wholes in the washing drum as soon as it holds still and tries to catch a sock....you ever wondered why you end up with several single socks every year?? There you have it!)

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