Final oilpaintings of the Deergirl (oil)series....have fun. Next up: zoo sketches!


The next stage...

The next stage of being a deer girl: Half a deer, two of them. Following up are the next stages of their development.


Four of them

I finished the whole series over a year ago, but didn't manage so far to take decent pictures....then I moved to Berlin without them....BUT now: there are decent pictures. These four show they early stages of deerism. More evolved stages will follow. Hope you enjoy them!


....never ever....

little fan art to train my portrait skills.....still needs tons of work (beard, freckles)....

very tired after (as well as other things) enjoying a day long workshop by:
Wouter Tulp


Don't look back

As promised!!! Finally some of the paintings and drawings I made in Berlin....too bad I had no access to any scanner....but now I am at my parents home = scanner. YAEH!

I am nearly back in my old hometown. I thought this painting was very fitting. Berlin wasn't in any way as I expected it would be. most of the time it was shitty...but I managed to learn a lot and I won't look back on the shitty parts.
The first big steps on my to-do-list are done....now it is the big step 'finishing my bachelor' (incl. end exam exhibition)... so now it is time to look forward to the next months!!

More paintings/drawings are coming in the next days!!!

Tomorow: BIG workshop in my academy with the first really awesome guest illustrator: Woulter Tulp!!! Looking forward to that!!!


Drawing treat

Since I managed to finish the written part of my thesis in time here something connected to my academy work for now:

You see different creatures here which I developed in the first attempts of my visual endexam part...while writing the theoretical part I found out that my first thoughts about my chosen topic were wrong, thats why in the end there maybe won't appear a singel of these lil creatures....

(fyi: the upper one is a sock-devourer...it lives in the corners of your washing mashine....his four eyes are blind cuz of living in darknes all his life...he manages to stick inside the mashine with his lil suckers and he has a very very thin and very very long tongue with lil hook at its. With this tounge he reaches through the lil wholes in the washing drum as soon as it holds still and tries to catch a sock....you ever wondered why you end up with several single socks every year?? There you have it!)



Just a week to go for my entrance exam..... I am f***ing nervous!!! Hopefully for now the last post without any of my own stuff....

I love this kinda stuff. Playing with art on the line between something living and something artificial (build a living computer in my first academy year...it was soft by touch, had a heartbeat, hair aso....too bad it was too big to keep it).