I want more!

A happy new year to you all :) I hope all of you spent New Years Eve with people you love.

So, it seems from where I am now that nothing much happened last year and nothing much is moving right now.
But when I look back I am quite happy what I accomplished last year.

I finished my internship in Berlin and can look back on a lot of experience I gathered there.
My webshop got online and I made a lot of Morlos just waiting in my shelves to be sold.
I made my first website and launched it in may.
I finished my study (although with a delay)
made my first real book for it
and started my Master Degree Program in Scientific Illustration with just three other students in my class.

And that is where I am now. Not as bad as I thought in the first moment. Strange, how sometimes this stuff seems to be ages ago and you feel stuck although you are not. I bet everybody of you know the feeling. So it is good to have a break, look back and be proud about your accomplishments. Back then it maybe even seemed impossible and now they're peanuts. (hmmm.....peanuts....I am getting food, just one moment)


I want more...yes :) still....

At the moment I am working on my new website layout. Scientific Illustration is great, but I still have to get so much better and more important I have to get way faster. There are a handful of paintings waiting to be finished and even more Morlos to be made/finished/sold.....ahhh....yeah....Morlos. My online shop is still placed on hold due to German bureaucracy. But I hope it will REALLY open soon. My digital skills are getting polished or atleast I try to make them a lil shiny and I hope I can upload more of that stuff in future as well and I started a super awesome secret project what I hope will turn out great.

I hope everybody will have a great year 2012 (and NO, I don't believe our world will end then).

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