Pretty little dog!

So, finally I finished the dog drawing. It felt like ages. It actually were ages compared to other assignments....

It is the drawing of the muscles of the skeleton dog I posted before ... It took so longe because I got messed up and confused inbetween. We get so much supervision that you sometimes end up with three different opinions (besides your own). Pretty confusing.

Next post will be about how I put the skeleton and the muscle drawing together.

After that ....I have to start drawing a torso...poorly not too exciting.
It is the general plastic model you also have in schools (Somso model).
I already know that it looks way different in reality since we had our anatomy introduction last week. Anatomy introductions meant for me the first time seeing a dead body and touching it and organs.

yeah, in the end, not so freaky as it sounds.
The next time I will tell you more about that part since we will have more lessons in the university hospital in the next weeks.

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