Due to some serious private problems I had to stop working on my website and online shop. I am really sorry for that and hope that It will be up and running this month. But I learned that whenever you think you have everything set to start/do something life just doesn't go along.

But I am also happy to be able to show something from the workshop we had a few weeks ago:

Since we used the scapula we picked in the beginning for every technical workshop we had so far: another scapula!
Maybe I should explain why we always use the same motive. First: The scapula itself offers a lot of different difficulties: concave and convex forms, parts in the background, parts in the foreground and even some slightly transparent parts and different types of textures. Second: If you use the same motive for different technics it is very easy to compare them and find out which one you prefer for which pros.

You can compare it yourself:

I can say I enjoyed more than using the water colour technic :)

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