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Although I am behind my study plan I am happy that I move forward. At least I finally finished the drawing of a Somso-modell. Nearly everybody knows it from school. In my school it was called Emma (it was female, the one in the drawing though is gender neutral ;-) ). It was so hard...since I have trouble with the 'big forms' it just doesn't get easier if you have to draw an already stylized plastic no-were-close-to-real-life-because-you-have-to-be-able-to-take-all-plastic-organs-out fricking puppet. But...after a lot of "you have to make something nice for you for every assignment" talk with my docents I decided to be guided by anatomy lessons and operation pictures (since body parts in formaline tend to look 'a lil' different than in real life)

But here is the result, take a look four yourself:

Furthermore I am busy to cross out stuff from my list. I will let everybody know soon when my website is being launched/the webshop opened.

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