More to come

I am still busy like a bee :) and although it is a heavy workload it is also quite nice. In two days I will be able to post the finished version of the Puffin illustration (Three little puffins). Hopefully I will be able to show some assignments as I am currently working on a refined drawing of a buck skull and a poster about the sheeps brain in relationship to the sheeps eye and the sensory eye movement (quite a big project ;) ).

So much about my illustrations for academy or for some competitions....

My plushie-online shop got featured by a french website a while ago and I am very thankful for that :) I hope to update the site in the next week. I am looking forward to introduce three new Morlos to my loyal followers and soon I will even introduce a new creature. The Morunculus!!!

And now something inspirational:

a cinematic live dance experience called SEIZURE.

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