The Blue Tit

Another bird illustration hope to make some more illustrations with this kind of idea. It is the perfect solution for my background problem and I try to finish another one until monday. Then I am also going to tell you why I am working so hard on illustration about birds!!!!

And....did you know:
We humans can not detect a gender difference in males an females of the blue tit. But research has shown there is a difference. The only thing is that we can not see/detect it with our senses. Males are coloured different in nearly ultra violet (a wavelength we can not see) and it even seems the brighter their crests are the more attractive they are for the ladies

I am reading a very interesting book (Bird senses - What it's like to be a bird) about bird senses everybody who loves birds just has to read it!!!! I have had the chance to meet Tim Birkhead and follow a presentation by him. If you ever have the chance to follow a presentation/reading - do it!

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