Deer skull and some good news

So I finally really get a hold on my to-do-list :)

This is one of my academy assignments. This should have been finished way earlier but....gnah... sometimes time is not your best friend.

But I am working as hard as I can to finish everything in time :). Should have everything done by summer since I will start with a really cool final exam project (yeah!) then!!!! :D

The deer skull is one of the two assignments I was talking about in the last posts. The other one is about the sheeps brain and eye-movement and should be finished this or next week. Then it is just a handful of really big assignemnts.... hff... but it is better to get your ass moving instead of sulking about how much is still left to do :P Then nothing would happen and you would have even less time to get it done. You better just start without thinking about how much is still ahead of you! (that's how it works for me).

Probably going to post some sketches in the next days. Has been a while since I did that. After that hopefully my new Morlos (all finished, just waiting to get a nice photoshoot) and then just what I am able to fill in my tight agenda :)

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