First post this year

Here I am again. Happy New Year ;) Yeah yeah, late I know. But I have a busy life right now...already preparing for the BIG BIG last of all exams :) Since I know time will always run out way too early I try to visualize all ideas as clear as possible.
At the same time I am still working in Berlin. Mostly on my own. But maybe more words about that, when I some day can (maybe) show something of what I did.
As well....I am hunting and collecting Morlos at the moment. There are the most wonderful ones in the most unexpected places!! As soon as they are tame enough to be photographed I will show them to you!!!
Aaaannnd....I am working on my business cards and some other small stuff like presents, long time ago comissions and training in drawings....
Next thing on my list.....hunting down more Morlos! (Don't worry....they are really easy to catch with food, so they don't get harmed)....writing stuff for my academy to get to the BIG last exam ever...
AND: preparing for my entrance examination this summer for the Master in Scientific Illustration...

FINALLY, allot to do!! yeah!

Hope you read me again the next time :D

PS: I am learning more and more about After Effects through my workplace and the help of somebody special :) I love it. I think also somewhen this year I will try to get a real 3D programm or concentrate on stop motion :)

PPS: For your inpiration :

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