Swans hate Morlos

Taking pictures with one of my newest Morlos wasn't as easy as thought. Since I chose a haven there were ducks.....and swans.....evil swans...
They were far away and I had no food. But no matter what....they came up to me without any reason. Maybe they thought I would give them food and just didn't notice them so far. Anyhow...they didn't get anything. So they got pissed. Then they noticed the Morlo close to them, staring at them. Turned out, swans don't like Morlos very much...several times I had to remove the Deer Morlo just to be safe that they wouldn't attack it.

And there are some pictures without the dumb swans...
A Deer Morlo in full view...It is so far one of my favourites, although one of his tiny antlers is broken (probably happened when he was digging for roots, insects and worms).
Another Baby Morlo is coming up as well. You will soon get a peek and then better pictures.

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