My bathroom Morlo

As I allready told my blog-readers I got two more Morlos living with me. One is all over the place but the other seems to be most comfortable in my bathroom.

So this is him :) My personal bathroom Morlo. I found him looking pretty miserable in a public toilet and took him home. He was such an afraid little thing. Stinky and dirty, skinny and shivering. First thing he got was a warm bath until his bright fur kept the same colour....after a few days I found out his favourite food and since then he became tame.
I think he is a bit of a hypochondriac....he likes it clean. My bathroom was clean before. But now it can happen that after two days of not cleaning I will step into some protest poop in the morning...

Since I got him used to the camera in the last days here you have the pictures :)



  1. schoene geschichte. schau dort: my bathroom wa clean bevore. da hat er wohl ein 's' gefressen. auf bald.

    ein maasmensch

  2. danke maasmensch....
    warum muss ich mich dir jetzt grün vorstellen.